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Aren't you at least curious about what they are hiding?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Whether you like it or not, opposing views are important. Otherwise, what happens when the ubiquitous mob of THEY start coming to shut you down? And you should ALWAYS be suspicious when EVERYONE is telling you to silence the opposition because it is all a lie! For you pop-psych majors out there, you know this as projection and assignment. Experientially, this is something we all learned in kindergarten, and nothing really has changed here in adulthood.

Maybe you didn't grow up as a loner, interloper or some level of a social outlaw, like I did. Maybe you always road in the center of your protective herd, so this read might be really uncomfortable for you. But shhhh! You are secretly here, safe with me! I promise, I won't tell your family, virtual friends or handlers that you are reading a post they might not want you reading :)!

A modern day Deep Throat

This is a brief summary of how today's whistleblower started sharing disturbing information directly with the public beginning in October 2017.

This whistleblower appears to be someone or group of military intelligence that have security clearance at the 17th level or Q clearance, according to one IT's 4,949 posts. Our Truth Teller must be onto something based on the simple fact that the Main Stream Media (MSM) publicly suppressed this Deep Throat for years, but once it bubbled into the mainstream, they lost their collective minds and started with their telling name calling . Meanwhile, Big Tech got busy terminating, banning and overall suppressing civilian and independent reporters' Social Media accounts investigating clues that Deep Throat was publicly sharing! So if the movement has no basis, why the frantic response? #speakfreely #deepthroatlives #fakenews

Where are the likes of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and the Washington Post in all of this? I don't know. Oh I forgot they are under new corporate management. You think the MSM would be all excited about this vast trove of highly complex information posted for the world to see. But alas no. Apparently, the MSM is offended when we the people think and speak for ourselves. But even more importantly these data dumps include huge swaths of negative press on the Press! #fakenews This brings into question the credibility of all news outlets and subsequently their "stories". (You should begin to question why they refer to their own news as stories.)

So they do what most powerful people do, they start jeering and tearing down the credibility of the source instead of answering the boatload of accusations. Think SVU TV show and Mariska Hargitay's soulful eyes cajoling a rape victim into standing up to her accuser to be attacked by her rapist all over again in the public forum of a trial.

Q=1, Anon= 2, separate and discreet

Today's modern day Deep Throat signs each post Q. This is a deft nod to its 17th level security clearance level, hence the 17th letter of the alphabet. I'm using the pronoun IT because it is likely that Q is more than one person within Military Intelligence and possibly he/she/they are being assisted by some variation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The additional reference to Anon is the title for the merry digital warriors that are puzzling out the intel drops left by Q. As a whole, the Anons have an amazing array of technological skills in their toolbelts. Think thousands of Julian Assanges and Ed Snowden united. Well often united in purpose, but not always in agreement. However all of them are civilians, and can be wrong in their conjectures and tactics. Refreshingly, they self-correct in the public forum unlike our politicians who deny, deny, deny.

As of this post, Q has shared 4,949 posts directly on an internet channel called 8kun. It currently has 420 public boards in total, most of which have nothing to do with Q. These channels, or Chans, are where the Anons work and play. Some other boards contain highly offensive language and images, so I choose not to share 8kun's channel link here, but you can go find it for yourself if you are over 18.

However, one Anon has graciously and specifically archived all of Q's daily posts from Q's board on . I use this tool instead of 8kun, since my tech-skills only stretch so far. Here is an example of my sometimes woefully pedestrian tech-skills. After months of scrolling through Q posts to get to a certain date, I found this shortcut to search the database of almost 5,000 posts!

Append a hashtag and number on the end of the site and it will take you right to the very post you want. Or you can play a game of Q-roulette, plug in a random number and see what pops up! At minimum it may make you laugh, worst case you might not be able to sleep for a night.

(I'm working on another article about this specific post for later)

Another Anon HAD shared his summary of Q posts on replete with photos of white hats, black hats, etc. until he was apparently outed and fired as either an employee or board member of a big bank called out by his (complicit?) employer, so now there is only a title page here. (You see how this suppression works? Are you scared yet?)

So the natural next question is why all this cloak & dagger dead drop stuff. If it isn't obvious to you already, I will spell it out.

It is very often when FRAUD, COLLUSION and CORRUPTION run deep...

Let's recall the Madoff Fraud, the Enron Fraud, the WorldCom Fraud, Wall Street's Too Big To Fail Fraud. Do you recognize similarities in the denial pattern here? There is a strong resemblance for sure.

To answer this important question, I harken back to my CPA roots. As a tax accountant, I was always fascinated with how criminals perpetrated financial frauds on us. Think Madoff, the most infamous Ponzi scheme ever exposed in 2007. Maybe my interest grew out of my natural love for espionage novels too. But regardless I was keen in determining how such schemes worked to help reduce the next crime. There are many common themes that recur in frauds. One is when an employee is compromised within an organization, they can easily be controlled by others to accomplish others' nefarious goals. So the puppet master is now one step removed from the crime. Second, the absolutely most difficult fraud to detect and stop is COLLUSION.

Collusion is defined as secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others. For example, "the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers" Therefore, when two or more parties are involved they can cover for each other. So if you are searching for the head of the snake (to quote Denzel in The Equalizer), you might chop off one, but you didn't know you were dealing with a Hydra with many heads.

So what if the ring of collusion is more than a few? Think Robert Redford and Paul Newman in The Sting, where everybody but the patsy-mark was in on The Fix. What if it is many people and organizations? You would have to flush them out and expose them all to the light. You would have to stay anonymous if you wanted to stay ahead of the hunters long enough to turn them into the hunted instead of yourself! Sadly, there are already MANY whistleblowers that have fallen because of this ongoing investigation. That will be featured in other posts!

Here is an array of Q's posts on the alleged collusion of many in our government against us the people.

There is a whole book that could be written just from these three Q posts and the number of possible financial frauds laid out here. This gallery also highlights Q's singular Socratic signature, designed to combat opposition algorithms, which doesn't really like question marks and leads one to investigate the question and not just accept facts. For example, "List out all who have foundations" in post 53. That could be hundreds if not thousands of entries culled from the public record of foundations.

The Anons are generally techies not accountants therefore as of yet they haven't seemed too interested in following Q's recurring advice to "follow the foundations" instead of Hillary's titillating emails. For it is perhaps too mundane, but I beg to differ!

Regardless of reaching an agreement of minds, the level of intellect entwined throughout Q's posts is intense. At minimum, as a skeptic, you could spend the rest of your life trying to prove all or some is untrue. In contrast, you could spend the rest of your life as one of Q's many apologists presenting proofs that some or all of Q's posits are true.

Either way, you quickly come to realize that you are clambering through the middle of a 7D chess match. So at least kick off your shoes, climb into your easy chair, "grab your popcorn and enjoy the show" (to quote Q itself).

One more Important Voice that you may not have been allowed to hear in the Main Stream Media is

He is an apolitical American that lives and works in China for years (perhaps past tense now?). Currently, you can follow him on Twitter @BaldingsWorld. He is one of the many "Anons" that Q referenced and linked to since Q started sharing complex information in October 2017.

Attached is a copy of the PDF referenced in Q's post 4936. It is an intelligence report prepared on October 2, 2020. The report was the work of Typhoon Investigations, an activist research firm protecting companies from foreign influence and threats. Typhoon's client was so disturbed by its findings on the Bidens, that they viewed them as a threat to our national security. Therefore the client authorized Typhoon to publish the report through an appropriate source. We should be grateful for Balding's willingness to be the messenger, and we should also pray for his physical safety.

Project Time Baldingsworld Beijing China
Download • 3.52MB

If you are hooked on all this digital intrigue like me, you can click over to my shop and grab some Q/17 gear. It features my original art featured above.

PS Since high tech now suppresses the letter Q, 17 is code for Q as it is the 17th letter of the alphabet! See how crazy this is? :)

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