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What if we come to realize that

This life was only the expedition?

Sometimes one can almost feel the breath of our eternal Souls tethered to our frail humanity…
What if one future day, we are all Home, telling tales of our exotic travels and specialized knowledge gained with our fellow pilgrims? What if we come to realize that THIS life was only the expedition? 
The CALENDAR NOVELS are these stories telling things in an upside down, inside out sort of way.   

Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback, Kindle and Ibook
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Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback, Kindle and Ibook
©Erica S Elliott The February Novel - Co
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Available on AMAZON
in paperback and Kindle
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Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback, Kindle and Ibook
The January Novel

What if your destined, greatest love 

is hiding in Your tax return?

Book One

    This book is a delicious sort of a hybrid. Yes, it is a fascinating love story of a powerhouse CEO and his unusual tax accountant. But it also carries the virtue of being true. Their tale is woven through with precious nuggets of timeless advice and clever, practical business principles. The wisdom-filled proverbs are there for the legions of today’s entrepreneurs, who need guidance and support. Inspiring, romantic and filled with savvy
expertise you won’t get anywhere else.

What if investing in Your heart

brings the biggest return?

Book Two

   This sequel to LOVE & TAXES is yet another hybrid of swashbuckling business tales wrapped in a tender tissue paper of love. Not only is it an unusual tale of two independent souls finding each other through the lonely corridors of corporate America, but it also happens to be a true story. It is written with the purpose to remind others that often the best returns on investment come from the most unusual combinations.
Love & Business ~ Erica S. Elliott.jpeg
Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback,  Kindle and Ibook
Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback,  Kindle and Ibook
Love & Business

One Speed Wide Open...

A Memory of the Life & Times


R. Keith Elliott

This is the story of a newspaper  boy from a little pee wee town in the backwoods of South Carolina who found a way to his pinnacle job of CEO in corporate America.  Follow his unlikely journey, his trials and tribulations in professional success which came at great personal cost. 

Find out who and what influenced him the most, molding him into a timely agent of change when industries were turned on their heads.  First as an international leader in the platinum industry who built long lasting partnerships around the globe.

A Change Catalyst Pioneer


Erica S. Elliott


Then as CEO of the largest manufacturer of "gozintos"  A term Keith coined to explain how the complex company's chemicals "go into" many things you buy, even the filtered water you are sipping, the paper of this book or the plastics in the device that you are holding in your hands today.  One of AmErica's Remarkable Stories. 

"I spent my career looking for talented people and designing compensations plans that would motivate them to knock the ball out of the park.  After a while you can see them flashing like a beacon in the darkness.  They just jump out at you."
- R. Keith Elliott

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RKE one speed wide open back cover.jpg
Love & Business

What if You could Capture

Your Dreamhouse in a Book?

Now You can!

©Erica Elliott.jpg
Available on AMAZON in Paperback 
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