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 I consult and advise complex investors, family offices, accounting firms, Boards of Directors and Trustees, digital nomads, content creators, know intimately how we like to help others. 


People in Focus

After 16 years working in public accounting working with individuals of inherited wealth, corporate executives and self-made business owners, I started my own firm in 2005.  Since then I have created remote-based boutique tax and advisory firm in 2005.  The favorite part of my car


Lovely, selfless women don’t always recall how to speak up for themselves. 

They may have access to funds,

but don’t ensure their own monetary stability as they care for others.  


Let's discuss your unique situation and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Complimentary 30 Minute Call


Business Advisory | Corporate Wellness Programs | 

Mid- Journey

This program is perfect for those who have maintained a steady income pace,

but somehow luxury eludes you. 

Vacations are out of reach. 

Your dream business seems too risky. 

You are working hard, paying bills, saving for years. 

So, what is it all for?


Maybe it is time to step back and reassess. 

You’ve had your nose to the grindstone;

and you can’t see the forest through the trees anymore. 

Perhaps your plate is too full, while your bank account is too low!


 This may be your moment for a complete financial review.

Or you just need some help with a few things. 

Let's discuss your unique situation 

Introductory Session



After working with countless clients with various levels of affluence,

there is one hard truth. 

Wealth comes with its own burdens and complications. 

Portfolio management of real estate properties and investments is no easy task.  


  Maybe you are retired with investments. 

Perhaps you received a divorce or legal settlement. 

Or you inherited wealth or won prize money, so you’ve arrived. 

But what do you do now?

The true search for fulfillment begins.


Shifts in portfolios create unexpected tax consequences,

if they are not carefully coordinated. 

If you move between Investments, Real Estate or a Fine Art Collection,

your full financial snapshot must be considered.

As a CPA, I consider the tax impact of each transaction on your big picture goals.


But not only that, I help Owners buy and sell real estate,

high quality art and other luxury collections.

I’ve developed my own exclusive network of experts across numerous fields. 

So, I’ve coordinated many complex, multi-faceted efforts for people. 

 Besides my private network, I also developed my own channel: 

a quarterly digital magazine for this purpose.


I help owners buy, sell, rent a residence, investment or commercial property. 

I help people buy and sell fine art, wine, and boats, and automobiles. 


So what aspect of your complex world do you need help with? 

Let’s make the move together. 

Let's discuss your unique situation 

Introductory Session


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