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 Daily  Diary

of a

Wandering Writer

SF Club Kiss RKE EE.jpeg

Walking down the sands

picking up the shells

listening for a voic
e unable to catch

searching for the face of a ghost known well

Days become Islands

I travel along

one at a time

down a chain

to the sea

the Sun reflects back


laughs at my song

the clouds scudding by

bring you back to me...



c. 1986


watercolor study #1
c. 2012


After  building a rewarding career as a prominent tax advisor, she returned to her

roots finding further inspiration through writing and illustrative art. 

Where others are dizzy with numbers, she finds comfort creating clarity via practical profit. 

Yet also finding great joy in other creative pursuits, whether with pen, brush or keyboard. 

Growing up in an unorthodox loving family allowed her to see people and circumstances

in different ways.  

Her early memories were falling in love with words, drawing and numbers,

all symbols in the mystical journey of life.

She encourages everyone to fearlessly find their unique gifts,

no matter how deep one might search. 

For yes, you too were born a creator.

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