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Give yourself the Gift of Gab this holiday season...

So my dear friends, just like Palm Beach, there are beautiful and dark sides of things. Regarding Palm Beach, you can see my Christmas "Rockwell-attempt" watercolor I painted last year of Worth Avenue derived from the sister photograph below.

There are many stunning features of Palm Beach ranging from the Atlantic Ocean lapping its eastern edge to the iconic shopping street named Worth Avenue, pictured here. But then there are the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, and Bernie Madoff lounging among the palms.

As a parallel commentary, many of us, have seen our Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts shadow banned, suspended, censored and/or deleted.

After years of fun posts about children and grandchildren, you may have strayed outside the lines and expressed some opinion that was not approved and apparently crossed an invisible line of a secret computer algorithm. Who knew?

But guess what. There are still greener pastures, where #1a #freespeech still exists. You can #speakfreely and not be terrorized by Big Tech de-platforming and/or de-monetizing you. Of course, nothing is perfect. But as of today, is your frontier. You can find me on Gab at @Eelliott001.

When you get onto Gab, make use of its Groups Tool, a hybrid between Twitter, the iron bird cage, and Facebook. I consider Gab's Groups the best of both FB & Twitter worlds. And if you pray, say some prayers for Gab's founder @a, Andrew Torba, for he has already turned down lucrative offers to sell out freedom. He and his team continue to live by one our original patriot's axioms: "Live Free or Die". Gab is 100% funded by its users not via advertising or private equity, shocking I know. So when you arrive on the other side, look into his donor category, and make a small gift towards freedom. It will do your freedom loving heart good.

Also, if you are interested in a cleaner web browser, that doesn't track your e-footprint across the web, try Andrew's cleaner browser: "Dissenter"

So if you give yourself the gift of Gab this season, consider it a patriotic act of liberty. #1a #freespeech

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