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Focus on the Beau Biden Foundation and subsequent...

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


How can we reconcile the much discussed evidence apparently found on Hunter Biden's Laptop and his role as Trustee on his late brother, Beau Biden’s Foundation? Alarmingly the mission of the late Beau’s Foundation is for the protection of children from online predators and bullying.

In today's 2020 rearview mirror this mission statement is kind of jaw dropping in its juxtaposition. In fact how can we reconcile the leaked texts and emails between Biden family members about Hunter’s alleged pedophilic behavior and a family foundation pledging to protect against the very things that it looks like Hunter technologically documented doing?

In 2015, Beau Biden dies of a very rare brain cancer that very very few people have. However, John McCain and Ted Kennedy also die from the same rare brain cancer. A statistical anomaly that is difficult to reconcile. Could this be only a strange coincidence? Or is there something linking these together? I don't know. Upon Beau's death the family founds The Beau Biden Foundation which is for the protection of children from online predators. And Hunter, the laptop Hunter, is a sitting member on its board along with other family members.

Well one way these irreconcilable differences could be explained is that the Beau Biden Foundation to protect children from predators was a family's guilt offering. Another explanation is The Foundation functions as the BEARD.

Ok, let's start with a metaphor and a story or two before diving into the weeds. Why? Because all objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. But what I mean is this. Q predicated that politicians’ foundations can be used as better cover story than direct gifts. Also the players are a LOT closer to all of us then we may all appreciate at this point.

For those of you who aren't familiar with how the slang expression “the beard” originated, let’s start there. In the past when gay men weren’t accepted in the community at large, they would maintain some kind of relationship with a woman to hide their true sexual orientation. Sadly, the woman was often kept in the dark about their man’s real sexual persuasion. Therefore The Beard was an indirect reference that their wife was their disguise.

In my own personal experience, I knew a number of women that found out this truth years after serving as their spouse’s beautiful window dressing. More than once, it was after their husband exposed them to HIV through their philandering. Other times the women were then publicly judged when their spouse’s secret exploits came to light. “How could she not know? Everyone else knew. What was she thinking?” You know the drill. Think New Jersey’s Governor McGreevy’s wife when his gay relationship was publicly outed in an apparent political play, back in the day. McGreevy’s case is a great example of how honeypots are used to leverage political outcomes. Was this Democrat Governor’s gay lover, perhaps a plant to blackmail certain outcomes? Who is to say.

Think about The Sting movie with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Everyone is in on the fix except the Mark. This can also be true in our discussion here about The Beard. Let’s stick with the innocent player here being used as a tool of darker forces.

The use of good, honorable people is a common tactic used by covert operatives. At minimum the innocent is a distracting beard while a fraud is being perpetrated on the public. Worst case they are in place to take the fall for the evildoers. Think Mark Wahlberg in The Shooter. His character was carefully placed to take the fall for the Colonel and Senator, the evildoers as the lone gun assassin. Sound familiar?

Which leads us to the real life example of The Fall Guy scenario you can read in Judith Varady’s whistleblower account. Her autobiography is called Me & Lee, link below.

In her book you will find her firsthand account of how Lee Harvey Oswald was framed by the CIA in the JFK assassination. According to Judyth, Lee as a CIA operative, and herself as a young scientist were part of a planned assassination attempt on Fidel Castro via a BIOWEAPON of a cancer-causing virus. This complex plan was set aside as other Deep State operatives preferred to turn their assassin’s bullet on JFK, leaving Lee to take the fall as he was a Pro-JFK operative. For sharing her story, Judyth survived numerous threats on her life by living on the run for decades. So we see why the Deep State would want Judyth dead right? Weaponized Viruses? Black Hat cover ups of assassinations both attempts and successes?

The Cut-Out

If you choose to believe Judyth's account, at first she was functioning as an unwitting beard for a CIA planned assassination, before she intuited what was really going on. Her own scientific theories originally intended to help cure cancer were subverted into a government agency’s assassination tool. Now let’s switch gears from an unwitting beard to an informed cut-out.

In spy world, a cutout is the informed, participating variation of a beard. A cutout can be a person, process or entity that makes it possible for spies to communicate secretly for ostensibly good purposes. The person or entity functions as the cover story. We are all familiar with the bad guys’ money-laundering pizza parlors in the 8 million mafia movies foisted upon us. Same idea, but now it is the good guys...ostensibly.

As a real life example of a participating Cutout read the heavily documented autobiography of Terry Reed, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. Reed published this in 1994. I believe he survived to tell the tale because he literally had warehouses of documentation and probably still has dead man switches ready to be activated if harm comes to him or his family. Reed was a retired military patriot that wanted to continue to serve our country. Then one day he realized he was plugged into Barry Seal’s fly boys team transporting drugs, money and men for Iran-Contra and started working on an exit strategy. He and his businesses served as a Cutout for spies to interface with each other. Think Tom Cruise in American Made, which was based on Barry Seal’s life and his fly boy team.

Both Terry and Judyth are some of the few that escaped with their lives from their roles as pawns in what we now know as the Deep State’s playbook.

So what does this Beard/CutOut interjection have to do with the Biden Foundations?

A 501c3 Foundation can also serve as a front, such as a government agency’s Cutout too. And before we go carpet bombing, innocent players can be placed into play as unwitting pawns in the big chess game. Is that what is also happening here?

One Caveat

I believe there are some really good people that are probably being used as The Beard of the Biden Family and its Foundations. For example when I look at the Beau Biden Foundation’s Executive Director’s profile, she spent her entire career protecting abused children. I don’t know her at all, but based on my stated views here, she fits the bill for an innocent Beard positioned to take the fall if ever necessary.

Why do I think that prominent officers could still be innocents? In some cases, there is one to two degrees of separation from some of these players and me. I worked with people that knew some of these players really well. Therefore, I have anecdotal experiences.

If you read my book, Love & Taxes, you would find that I spent the first 35 years of my life living and working in Philadelphia, which is about 30 miles away North of Wilmington, Delaware. You would also find that I worked in Big Four Public Accounting for the first half of my career. 100% of my career was spent working with prominent and important people on their super complicated tax lives. It was like solving diabolical-level sudoku puzzles every day. And yes, ethically and morally, all my client work is private and confidential of course and always will be. That is the only way you can do my job, just like many other professions that help people. You know HIPAA-type rules apply to CPAs too.

I loved every minute of it. But it does take a massive physical and emotional toll. I didn’t see my children unless they were sleeping and I ate dinner out of vending machines after I ran for the FedEx truck for years. Then one day through a tax return, I fell in love and everything changed. You can go read it to verify for yourself, but the point here in this essay I’m trying to make is this:


Unlike New York, Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware are much smaller, tighter knit communities. I never met any of the Bidens nor the other people that I talk about here. BUT I knew numerous people that worked with or knew them. So I have a lot of anecdotal data points that shapes my opinion and viewpoint here.

The Honorable Louis Freeh, Former Director of the FBI is one of the people I believe is a White Hat as I lay out here. However, he serves on the Board of the Beau Biden Foundation. When you read his lifelong battle against corrupt practices and pedophilia, he would be a perfect candidate to serve as a Beard.

How do we reconcile Freeh's long amazing career of stopping harrowing global crime rings with his presence on the Beau Biden Foundation board? Based on my understanding of the man's unbelievable record as a truth telling crime stopper, I believe he may now be functioning as a White-Hat Mole to uncover more truth.

In 1984, he brought down a global heroin trafficking ring that used pizza parlors as fronts.

In 2011, Freeh takes down Penn State University for their complicity in the Sandusky Pedophile Cover Up. NPR provides a satisfactory summary in their linked article of Freeh's central role in his scathing 2011 report on Penn State University's cover up of the pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. He was hired "to explore how sex abuse complaints had been handled by university officials. After an eight-month, $6.5 million investigation, Freeh issued a scathing report contending that longtime football coach Joe Paterno and top university officials had, for more than a decade, concealed sex abuse charges against assistant coach Jerry Sandusky to avoid negative publicity."

Freeh took international heat and tons of negative press from the Main Stream Media for being too harsh on Penn State for their role in the cover up. In today's light these vicious attacks are now at least more understandable on what has been uncovered since then.

March 20, 2014

In 2014, Freeh is part of a difficult lawsuit filed against the board of directors at Wilmington Trust. Strangely, this bank was the only one prosecuted for their role in the 2008 Too Big To Fail financial crisis. Somehow the FBI didn't think it was important to file charges against any firms up on Wall Street. They conveniently came to Wilmington, Delaware and successfully convicted four of its executives. However the Board of Directors succeeded in defending themselves.

Question: Why would the Feds choose to prosecute one bank with a Former FBI Director, one of their own, sitting on the Board no less? Wouldn't you think they would pick on someone else to send a message? Or were they sending another message? Was Freeh getting too close in his other investigations to what we now see more clearly today? Was it retribution for Penn State?

August 25, 2014

Then close on the heels of the lawsuit, there is Freeh's car wreck. Is this car accident that left Freeh blind in one eye a retribution of some kind? This just seems too fishy. Too Arkancide like. We now know how government agency's can take over the control of our cars. They put it in movies so we know they can harm us if they choose.

So this Post ends with more questions and suppositions. There isn't a lot of money flowing through Beau's Foundation unlike the Clinton Foundation. It's only been around since 2015, so not a lot of numbers to look through. In this case, I think the issue is more about its Mission, Hunter's self-documented behavior, and the innocent players that may be sacrificed to further protect whoever may be the true guilty parties.

I feel like we are now living inside one big spy thriller wondering what is behind every page we turn. I seek solace in Q's continuing admonishment to trust the plan and that nothing can stop what is coming for there are only more and more twists and turns on this world stage.

Freeh Report on Sandusky
Download PDF • 92.64MB

IRS Tech Tip:

Look for yourself! Here is the Free Link to the IRS' own search tool for 501(c)(3) public charities required public disclosure documents. Don't rely on web search tools, they push you to 3rd parties trying to make you purchase free public documents.

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