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Follow the Money on a "Slow Boat to China"

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

For those of you too young to understand the exquisite antiquated art found in figures of speech, I include a lovely definition of the expression "slow boat to China" by Emily Bowman on Quora. For your convenience, I include Emily's text here:

The original meaning of a “slow boat to China” was anything that would take an inordinately long time, but eventually come to fulfillment. Nowadays if it’s known at all it usually means there’s no rush (“you can take a slow boat to China”), but the basic idea is still there.

The origins are in Los Angeles/Las Vegas (and possibly San Francisco) slang, definitely traceable to some poker slang of the Depression Era: Someone on a long but slow winning or losing streak was on a slow boat to China; it would eventually happen, but it’d be all day before it did. The idea is pretty obvious — it’s weeks across the Pacific ocean, already a long ways away, but months in a slow enough boat, from the US to China. Thus: Taking your sweet time getting somewhere that’s already a long ways off.

(ART: "At Port in Cartagena, Columbia #2", my Travel the World watercolor collection)

So for you young people out there, you could boil all of the above down to two words: "No Rush". But that literal phrase, is not as compelling is it? Also, I infer a double meaning here. A Slow Boat to China can apply to both Q and the country itself.

"A Slow Boat to China" is a hilarious turn of phrase about Q, our favorite Deep Throat, don't you think? We are all screaming for immediate gratification, but this has been a long term play hasn't it? If you think back to JFK, and probably Eisenhower, Q's Recon Mission against Deep State Collusion has been cracking along for longer than many of us have been alive. Regardless of its labelling.

(ART: Triangles all around us, Nassau from Travel the World Collection)

And you the Anon Community were brought into the game during the 11th hour in 2017, weren't you? We've been on that proverbial slow boat to China getting somewhere a long way off, slowly, slowly, but suddenly we are here!

And the obvious secondary meaning is China. Its literally been China all along/Coming for us in every shape and form. If it wasn't the NBA, today it was Mitch, the Senate's Majority Leader and his wife, Elaine Chao. Not only is she the Head of Department of Transportation, she is a member of her Chinese family's Billion dollar shipping empire. Quite an irony don't you think?

Great article today posted on national file by Gabriel Keane for a point of reference.


As a CPA working in Big Four Public Accounting, there where 1,001 rules of Independence that me and my entire family were required to abide by. Independence by appearance was as important as de facto independence. Regardless, even if there was not any actual compromise, you could not even give off the Appearance of Lack of Independence. I spent hours of my life listening to required Continuing Professional Education training on this very topic. This concept basically trickled down from Congressional hearings through the CPA regulatory bodies as a futile attempt to regulate Ethics, which really begin and end in the intentions of someone's heart.


But here in the same Legislative and Executive branches regulating ours lives, a super power couple, our current leader of the Senate and current Cabinet member in the Executive Branch, have significant assets and income streams flowing from China related entities. For years, it was less transparent as they have different surnames. McConnell and Chao.

In contrast to those in governance, as an example, I was banned from hiring my employer's client, not my client, in a city located a 1,000 miles away from me as a custodian for my minor daughter's modest college savings plan. For this would cloud the appearance of independence and break the regulatory rules for me. But according to Chao, I'm a racist for questioning the Chao-McConnell Billion Dollar Empire's independence. To me, this seems hypocritical at a minimum. What do you think?

I also find it really annoying that Senator Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, tried to silence questions surrounding her independence as racist, xenophobic questioning. However, while she heads our American Department of Transportation, and her husband controls the US Senate, apparently her Chinese shipping magnate family profited from anti-American practices that she oversaw.

(ART: "The World At Her Fingertips. A simple watercolor to remind us, we have the power of knowledge right at our fingertips")

Below is a link to Q's 91 posts filtered by China.

And then we have Q's 17 posts filtered by "follow the money".


So if we Follow the Money on Q's circuitous slow boat to China we get here: "The only way is military." And if 11.3 was a prescient nod towards Election Day 2020, the slow boat has arrived. Q's full text posted more than three years ago on 11/1/2017:

"Think about it logically. The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker). Biggest advanced drop on Pol"

So what do you think now?

Are you nervous? Don't be. Pray. Love. Question Everything. For We the Taxpayers are the employers of our branches of government. THEY answer to US. Are you ready to question everything and everyone? For our boat has finally arrived. To Liberty. ~

ART: Lady Liberty pencil series.

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