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"Follow the Foundations?" So come with me! We're going on a treasure hunt!

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Let me just state this for the record first: Collusion and corruption is nonpartisan. We all already know this as citizens, because we've all lived it. Both RED & BLUE, GOP & DEMS. No matter how you cut it. And yes everything I'm sharing here is already of public record. I am just sifting through and culling it down for your convenience. You have to decide for yourself.

Today we will focus on both the McCain (R) and Clinton (D) Foundations to be completely non-partisan here. :) So, why are we starting with these two foundations? Simple! Q sent us! #Qanon

NEED MORE INFO on QANON ? Then read through my post from yesterday... If you need more background about Q's Intel Drops are, go read my post from yesterday . Otherwise, skip ahead!

As of today there, there are 9 Q posts alleging corruption at The Clinton Foundation (TCF). You might think this is old, tired information. It is not. Posts #4845 and #4820 pictured here, were posted 10/9/20 and 10/7/20, a month old. Is The Clinton Foundation corrupt? Is Q correct? That is for each of us to decide for ourselves. Here is my summary of Q's premise:

Q still considers TCF a threat to our national security, in that it allows foreign powers a deceitful way to unduly influence our foreign policy to favor THEM over US. And yes this by default would mean that the participating US politicians are COMPROMISED.

You have to admit that Q does have a dark sense of humor: "Roger, that Madam Secretary," in response to her 2015 Twitter post Q links to below:, "

When you read Post 4845, there is a ton of information packed in with the use of a lot of shorthand initials. SA= Saudia Arabia. U1= Obama's Uranium One deal. Hussein= Barack Obama. The last two sentences are an obvious threat to the accused. "Nothing is ever deleted. Threats, blackmail and bribes."

The picture should be coming clearer about why the Dems have been threatening that they "Must win at all costs!", for apparently there could be a lot that can be exposed.

Before we move along to McCain's sticky mess, I will list all the links here to Q's posts on TCF "pay to play" references, so you can see for yourself without having to go find each one for yourself.

Q's Posts filtered by "The Clinton Foundation" and "clinton foundation"

And if if you want to scroll through all Q's posts chronologically here is the full database:

Q on McCain isn't pretty either

I know these are hard to read, so here is a list of links on a number of Q posts based on my "McCain" filter search. You will see a reference to "NO NAME." This is one of Q's code names for Senator McCain which comes from certain military types nicknaming McCain. Many military people feel strongly enough that McCain desecrated the US military code of honor, that they refuse to say his name at all. After you read through the following Q posts on No Name McCain, let me know your thoughts. on 6/16/18 "The Podesta Bridge" QPost

I refer to this last post as "The Podesta Bridge" which is derived from Q's own reference. It lays out how The Podesta lobbying firm communicated between the McCain/Clinton/Obama crew and the Main Stream Media players aka MSM. Some of the most chilling points about these posts are the dates Q posted them and the information that he then shared. You will see the reference "future proves past" throughout the posts, and it is certainly true here. It was subsequently exposed during The Russia Hoax investigation that No Name McCain was the water carrier for the falsified Steele Dossier to frame Trump.

The McCain Institute is a Private Foundation so it is required to file a 990-PF and has some different IRS requirements. Before March 13, 2000, 990-PFs had the extra luxury of not sharing their tax returns with the public. That changed, now they are of public record too. Another difference, is PFs are required to identify their private contributors on their tax return. So as in many things in the IRS world, the moniker PF is an oxymoron.

Here is a link to the McCain Institute Foundation's 2018 990-PF found on the IRS website:

Here are some interesting facts that the Institute posted on its own website:

$100,000 PLUS Donors List

Arizona Public Service Foundation Michael L. Ashner Baltic-American Freedom Foundation The BGR Foundation (Big Girls Run- found one 2017 990 only, just to funnel $ perhaps?) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bloomberg Philanthropies Carnegie Corporation of New York Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation Charitable Foundation – Anonymous Gift Chevron Cisco Systems, Inc. Craig Cogut Daimler Robert A. Day The Eranda Rothschild Foundation – Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild FedEx Corporation Ford Foundation Freeport-McMoRan Foundation GE Foundation The Harry & Florence Sloan Foundation Hensley Beverage Company Hess Foundation, Inc. Humanity United The Hungary Initiatives Foundation Jane and Marc Nathanson Foundation John Lehman Libra Group The Maffei Foundation McCain Institute Foundation McCain Presidential Campaign (I am not a campaign finance expert, but this seems weird on its face) MEG Energy Corp MGM Resorts International James B. Nicholson OCP S.A. Open Society Foundations Robert Bosch Stiftung Ronald O. Perelman The Perelman Family Foundation Inc. PetSmart The Pivotal Foundation Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Telling, just like the Clinton Foundation too) Salt River Project The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Simms Mann Family Foundation Paul E. Singer The Starr Foundation Swift Charities Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wallenberg Foundations AB Lisa and Greg Wendt

Additionally, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation has provided support for the North Kivu Democracy Project administered by the McCain Institute, as well as for the Next Generation Leaders and Next Generation Professionals programs. Transatlantic Research and Debate was generously supported by a grant from the European Union. The Smith Richardson Foundation’s grant supports the project: From Reset to Containment: In Search of a Better U.S. Policy towards Putin’s Russia. The McCain Institute also received two anonymous donations in support of its efforts countering human trafficking.


My US income taxation expertise is centered around individuals, particularly high net worth taxation complexities. I am not a tax expert in Not-For-Profits (NFPs). There are many other CPAs who are. If that happens to be one of my readers, I would value any advice on what stones should be unturned.

A tax-deductible gift to fund someone's 70th Birthday party?

On its face, it generally does not look good, when The Clinton Foundation's largest 2016 fundraiser is titled "WJC 70th Birthday." And yes, it is a scheduled fundraiser event on TCF's 2016 990 tax return.

So hypothetically, if you were a billionaire Manhattan socialite or a mega-corporation and you had pending legislation you needed jammed through Congress and turned into a law, you would make a $3 million gift to the TCF and pay for a big ego-tripping party for Wild Bill, right? After all, it is just politics.

Even better, you are the billionaire sitting on the board of a mega-corporation with legislation pending on awesome de-regulation that would make you another $100 million in revenue, you would make a $10 Million gift that would finance the $3 Mill shindig as well as a few other doozies, right? Especially if it is tax deductible for you!

Now for the really scary hypothetical. Insert Iran, Saudi Arabia, China etc. and we got the American Sold Out Scenario. Our government compromised. Do you now see the need for the long, drawn out secret cloak & dagger stuff? The fact that Q and the Anons are staying as Anonymous as they can, points to the fact that there probably is fire burning somewhere. Also as we are all seeing fraud exposed on the world stage, it points that the swamp must run deep and wide. It takes awhile to lay all the traps before the hunters can become the hunted.

Now this WCF 70th birthday party still might pass the IRS smell test, because the party didn't deplete the assets of the foundation. That would be really bad and definitely jeopardize your charitable status as a 501c3. But there is also a whole set of crippling regulations IF it can be proved that a donation was used for political purposes (such as lobbying for favorable legislation). That is the rub to quote Shakespeare. The IRS or courts have to be able to prove it, and the assumption is that the government official actually is interested in proving it. What if they are compromised too? Think about Lois Lerner and that IRS scandal.

Download • 109KB

form990factsheet clinton amendment reaso
Download • 251KB

I told you it was a mind bending treasure hunt! Whether you choose to believe that Q is a valid deep throat on global corruption, is up to you. This is the beautiful thing about free speech and our 1A rights, which we must fiercely protect. After all, what happens when they come after you for dissent? #speakfreely

Meanwhile while you are making up your own mind, the Q show is at minimum one of the best espionage thrillers playing out in real time before the world's eyes. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show, to quote Q yet again.


Oh! and Shop the Shop, starting to add some fun Q stuff!

Some (not as fun) TAX DEFINITIONS for Johnny Q. Public :)

Simple definition of a Private Foundation: 1) Can be funded by a few private individuals only and not the general public 2)is NOT required to give out as much annual cash gifts

Foundation Group found at explains different types of charities defined by the IRS code section 501(c)(3).

Nothing is as it appears. Mysteries are unfolding and unraveling around us, as I update my original post on December 25, 2020. The original art Q I made featured above was an accidental success, or maybe it was a divine intervention? It looks like it is a floating 3-Dimensional object, but it is not. Here is a video of the actual piece in situ. It makes me laugh every time I watch it in its simplicity! Onward :)

A Link to the Q How it was made Video:

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