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Gloria Vanderbilt Decode: "We're Riding on the Escalator of Life" By the late Robert Hazard.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

To begin this post, here is a 2015 upload of the haunting and mysterious song of my youth that I will reference throughout this post.


The information I am working with here is all a matter of public record that has been shared, discussed and analyzed by many. However I am applying my own deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning to connect the dots across decades from the 1980s to 2020 and pulling from my own personal experiences. #freespeech #speakfreely #1a

If you don't know where to find the Deep Throat Q, a probable deep throat of US military intelligence here is the link to all of Q's thousands of public posts:

LYRICS BREAK DOWN, lyrics are in black.

(my commentary is interspersed in bold red italics-EE)

They got my mazda in the E-Z Park It

For those of you too young to know, a Mazda is an Asian built car introduced in the 1980s that was more functional and cooler looking than the union-based American Made cars of that time. Still around today:

E-Z Park It is self-explanatory. Here is the family owned business that has been around Philly forever:

At the rock & roll supermarket

We would ride to the mall to go to the "record" store to look at the record covers for albums we couldn't afford to buy. Records came before cassettes which came before CDs which came before digital music!

Muzak music make me feel so funny

Muzak was a privately owned family company of "elevator music" before wifi- they were a monopoly that controlled the "playlist" you heard while riding an elevator or mall. So in 2020 hindsight this now seems a nod to mind control to make you...

I went and spent all my money

go to the mall and indulge in mindless consumerism

We're riding on the escalator of life

Now today, in 2020 hindsight, I think this is deceptive commentary about ascension of the human soul up the chakras of the spine. But in this case it was offering a sensational shortcut via descension of the soul into the material world. Dante's Inferno anyone?

We're shopping in the human mall

We're dancing on the escalator of life Won't be happy 'til we have it all

We want it all

Escalator of life - "up and down" Escalator of life - "round and round"

There's a hundred and eleven choices

Don't listen to those little voices

hindsight 2020: what? I don't let the guilty feeling shake me You can have your cake and eat it baby

In the hindsight of Neon Revolt's seminal treatise on Q's grand reveal of pedophilia, this seems to be a secret anthem about the "despicable elites" use and abuse of humanity to acquire their presumable devilish shortcut to ascension. In other words, the grand deception.

We're riding on the escalator of life We're shopping in the human mall We're dancing on the escalator of life Won't be happy 'til we have it all

We want it all

Escalator of life - "up and down" Escalator of life - "round and round"

I used to love this song for its haunting lyrics and rhythm. Now I sob and cry when I hear it.

Hey girl,,,,

So interestingly enough, the last time I checked this lyric a few months ago, you could see the whole song's lyrics at a glance. However today 12/5/2020, there now is a click to see from this point on...right here....

I'm a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt I got all the gold in the world around my neck

When you look at this QPost #1894, GV does have all the gold of the world around her neck, and her surviving son, Anderson Cooper (the presumable investigative reporter) is fascinated by that one gleaming medallion that has the infamous two horns of the billy goat. If this doesn't make a lot of sense yet for your late-comers. Go read Neon Revolt's seminal work.

Come ride the steel dinosaur (the escalator of life) Run wild in the jungle It's a Zulu Nation Seduction, sacrifice, a new sensation Nothing ever changes

And no I'm not kidding, The Human Mall and the Escalator of Life and Gloria Vanderbilt all tied up in a neat necrophiliac bow in 1982ish Philly. Zulu Nation? Seduction? Sacrifice? New Sensation? Nothing ever changes?

Excerpt from another's Blog:

The Human Mall

Robert Hazard - Escalator Of Life

Here is the blog in detail...

If you lived in Philadelphia during the 1980's, you couldn't escape this song.

And yes this was me! I graduated from a little private High School, Phil-Mont Christian Academy, in 1985 with 42 other lost souls...I will look for my graduation picture as documentary proof. Why Philly? Why Robert Hazard? I still don't know the answer to this, but now I don't believe it is random.

"Every rock radio station in Philly embraced Robert Hazard and played "Escalator of Life" at least twenty times a day during the early eighties, and it still had life into the nineties. Listening to it today, I was reminded that my early teen mornings usually consisted of WMMR radio blasting this song while I dumped copious amounts of Studio Line Gel onto my head in a frustrated attempt to "spike" my cowlick cursed hair. I still love this song today, its got a good new wave Bowie-meets-Numan feel to it. Anyway, I'm not sure many folks outside of the Philly area know of him or the song, so I'm posting it here.

Yes, I listened to WMMR radio station 93.3 FM for those of you that know what FM is. And I could drive with my finger flipping between WMMR and WYSP on 94.1 FM when they approached their commercial breaks, so I didn't have to listen to mindless commercials for stuff I didn't have the money to buy.

Hazard was pretty well-known for a few years, playing consistently in Philly with backing band, The Heroes, before borrowing some money from relatives and putting out this self-produced/released, untitled, 5-song EP in 1982. Within a year, it sold about 50,000 copies locally. It also contained another local hit, "Change Reaction", as well as a really cool, new wave version of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." RCA signed them, re-released the EP and they even toured for a bit with U2. Their 1984 debut LP, Wings of Thorn, wasn't a flop but it wasn't a hit either. RCA dumped them. As disappointing as that may have seemed at the time, Hazard ended up doing pretty well: Cindi Lauper covered a song that he wrote in 1979, but had only existed on a demo tape and was never released, called, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." You may have heard that song once or a thousand times. So, ironically, Robert Hazard didn't get to perform on his biggest radio hit."

Isn't that weird about the Cyndi Lauper cover? Who was Robert Hazard? Was he getting paid off, for his knowing complicity in a pizzagate of that time? Was he actually a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt? Or was he just a tool of Clowns in America? Well now that they are both dead, I still don't know for sure! But I know I wore her blue jeans and listened to his song while the church ladies whispered that GV was really a secret Satan worshipper, at which I just scoffed at the time as nonsense! But now here in the 2020 age of exposure of death and dark secrets, who was I to laugh?

Here is Q Post #344 showing Anderson Cooper on December 14, 2017.

The Nuance continues to resonate. And yes we will know them by their signs. Matthew 7:15-20.

So I will end on a segue into the next dig, "Where do we go from here?" to quote REO Speedwagon.

And if none of this makes any sense, go read my introductory to Q Posts and back track from there.-Onward! EE

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