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Power of the Word

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

So recently, many of my virtual friends' voices were suppressed, shadow banned and censored across numerous media platforms in what has already been dubbed The Great Purge. Many even woke up to find their accounts terminated in the middle of the night. Hence, I have fondly christened us the Terminators, for we still live! Now we just know more about our digital suppressors. Be strong! Be Brave! For we are united in our purpose of #freespeech.

I will share information about alternative outlets for you to express your own voices and opinions and #speakfreely. Remember fact checkers and corporate platforms have no superior first amendment protections over your free speech. It is an equal playing field, according to our constitution. So now you see why certain parties want to "reimagine" and abolish our constitution, right? Time to play ball, for we are on each others' team. If we do not speak up now, there might not be another time. Welcome to the digital battlefield, fellow warriors! #internetbillofrights #wwg1wgaworldwide.


Get a clean external hard drive and back up all your important data from your laptops AND the cloud. Especially you Video Creators, Podcasters and Bloggers that were shut down. Even though we are paying for access to THEIR air waves, we don't own it, they can do whatever they want with your original creative content according to their eternal corporate terms & conditions. So take the tedious time and make copies away from their ever spreading tentacles on an external drive separate from the web!

Free Speech Tips: They can't discriminate & what you can do about it

So let's say one of the Big Tech giants (who will remain nameless for this post) censors your channel about the importance of exposing the use of pedophilia as a tool of compromise to wield over politicians. #saveourchildren #pedowood #wwg1wgaworldwide

Then of course they cite their corporate terms & conditions that they get to pick and choose what is excludable as quote harmful. However, the same giant allows hundreds of other accounts to post pro-pedophilia content that they do NOT deem harmful. They have now made a judgment call and qualified free speech based on their preferences. This is unconstitutional. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?


You can search for legal help. Personally, I have followed the career of Jay Sekulow on free speech issues spanning over 30 years. You can ask his firm to consider a class action lawsuit and represent you. Of course there are many other lawyers for you to research, but don't expect the ACLU to get excited about this topic. They've been quite quiet on this topic recently.


Your Congressional Representative and Senators work FOR US, WE THE PEOPLE. You may have hear Senator Ted Cruz this week reminding a Tech Giant about which side of the table they were sitting on. As a Constituent you have the right to ask your representative to fix a problem for you. That includes the loss of your constitutional right to #freespeech.

As an example if you search on "constituent, advocate, Senator Rick Scott" this is the page you would find:

If you were a resident of the state of Florida, you would fill out Senator Scott's form and register your complaint. I will work on getting other blogs for other states' contacts in the future. But you can search for yourself.


If you own your own domain and create a website, you now have a powerbase that can not be terminated (as easily). Keep it simple. This one is on, which is for Normies like us (albeit still painful but not as painful). Then add a blog where you can post and share on other media platforms.

Thousands of powerful voices were built and lost directly on YouTube and Twitter during the recent purge. When they were censored and terminated, the creators lost their freedom of expression. But they are rebuilding now using variations of this method. Or perhaps, you are just starting on the path of finding your own voice, far from the madding crowd, perfect! Welcome fellow warrior to the digital battlefield! You are not alone.

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#powertothepeople #poweroftheword #speakfreely

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