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The Many Tentacled Clinton Foundation Octopus Resurfaces!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I know some things never seem to go away, no matter how hard you wish. Kind of like an octopus with many arms and suction cups. Before I digress further into metaphor land, let's get down to business.

When I worked in a Big Four public accounting firm on big deal 1040s, I had an expression. "Once it gets in the messed up pile, it doesn't want to come back out. So don't mess up!"

For those of you with a more salty vocab, you can substitute what you will for messed up. FUBAR would suffice. And that is what we appear to have here, octopus ugliness! Sadly it isn't just the Clinton Foundation either.

If you follow through Q's intelligent posits below, Q is alleging that many many foundations used across both sides of the political aisle that did, do, could, would, will launder money from other countries who are paying for influence in USA affairs.

You can go follow the link to the and read Q's text for yourself and review the 2 images of the post I include here. Otherwise, you can follow through Q's post I pasted below.

I inserted my comments in red italics throughout Post #2807.-EE

Feb 19 2019

2807Q!!mG7VJxZNCIID: fb85f1 No.5263795

[TOPIC: TAXPAYER THEFT] INSIDER vs OUTSIDER RETAIN CONTROL vs. LOSE CONTROL Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated] Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt] POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH]

Ok, that is enough for all of us to feel scared. So I will forward to our focus today on Not-For-Profit entities used as political slush funds.-EE

How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?

$12 BILLION in cash , per this Guardian article in Q's post.

$5.5 BILLION, per this Reuters' article quoted. ($1.5B 2003, $4B 2004)

$40 BILLION total cash over 6 years, per this CNBC spotlight (2003-2008). Straight from New York's Federal Reserve Board in East Rutherford NJ -> Andrews Air Force Base -> Baghdad Airport _-> Met by "Basel", the Fed's appointee on the ground. Apparently going by the Swiss Code Name of Basel. I can't make this stuff up, go read the article for yourself. The talented multi-linguist repeatedly risked his life to deliver it to the Central Bank of Iraq many many times. When the bank's CPA, didn't have a receipt memo available, Basel created one on the spot. As a CPA, I would comment that Basel's quick thinking to document his cash drops probably saved his butt from being hung out as the patsy taking the fall for the thieves. Or possibly even worse.

How much money (CASH) was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank?

In April 2003, Saddam Hussein stole around $1 billion from Iraq Central Bank's vaults per this link. But this was 2003. This bank got a lot of other USA cash deposits post 2003 as noted above...hmmmm.

[Example – not intended for PUBLIC awareness]

So kudos to Special Inspect General Stuart Bowen Jr., AKA "The Brick-Tracker." Bowen kept investigating where our hard earned American cash ended up around the world Post-IRAQ. Of the $12-14 BILLION of cash he was searching for, he found $1.2-$1.6 BILLION of the Iraqi cash pallets stashed in a suburban Lebanese bunker! Does anyone remember the big Lebanon bunker that just blew up in 2020? And if its cash, why is the cash ranging from $1.2B to $1.6B? Did someone skim $400Mill off the discovery? The NY Times reports on this October 12, 2014.

If it worked in IRAQ, why not replicate in IRAN?

If they got away with it in Iraq, why not replicate and repeat? The scary real life version we are still living in. So let's fast forward two more years to 2016:

How much money (CASH) was sent to IRAN?

So is it only coincidence that this next article drop is $1.3B in cash after a $400 Million wire into Iran? This article was published August 24, 2016. Was this the same cash that Bowen worked so hard to uncover in the Lebanese bunker? Throughout Q's posts is found the phrase, "there are no coincidences" so its pretty fishy to me that Q lists these two articles chronologically. If this is correct, it is chilling because it points to our own officials' corruption.

Who controls the distribution of funds?

Per these articles, it was the New York Federal Reserve Board that sent the cash to Iraq, so the Fed.

Who accounts for the funds? In general our Government, more to follow. Who has access to the funds? Who ‘really’ has access to the funds? Do funds return in the form of political donations? This is where Q is leading us. It appears that this line of questions is linking our government's Middle East cash drops into Iraq then Iran to the foundations. Is cash coming back as charitable gifts into our leaders' tax exempt entities that is really stolen from us the taxpayers? Do funds return in the form of massive donations to ‘FOUNDATIONS’ and/or ‘INSTITUTES’?

This is what Q has been referencing in the other posts that we already dissected together on this blog. Our favorite Deep Throat keeps telling us, "You have more than you know....Follow the Foundations.."

When you serve in public office, you fill out disclosure forms. Public Charities are considered separate entities from the donors, so not required to be disclosed. So manipulators of the system can more easily use tax-exempt entities for their own purposes, away from some glare.

However, we talked about in my previous posts that a Not-For-Profit, must file a 990 informational tax return. It also is STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM ENGAGING IN ANY POLITICAL ACTIVITY. That includes promoting or opposing political candidates. So there are a number of ways to seize these laundered funds back from these corrupt practices, IRS included. But the investigators and prosecutors have to choose to do so. What if they are compromised as well?

Do funds return in the form of offshore bank accounts for future payments/payoffs? Replicate: Environment (‘Green’), AID assist, etc.

Regarding the Environment, I know I watched Ghislaine Maxwell sitting at the UN as their favorite ocean expert. Her speech of "I'm going to make all the citizens of the world pay MY FOUNDATION for the ocean, because I've loved the ocean since I was a little girl and got my submarine pilot license (ahem). Regarding AID, Haiti was claimed by the Clinton Foundation's stomping grounds. We can touch on these in future articles.


“Trillions of dollars at stake.” "Controlled by group of special interests." "Illusion of democracy." [Welcome to the Real World] WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY TO RIGHT THE WRONGS. WE, THE PEOPLE, MUST RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS. WE MUST RISE. WE MUST FIGHT.

Q, I've been studying hard since May across your broad range of topics that you brought into the public forum for investigation and dissection. I had to get up to speed! However, this whole arena of financial intrigue you broached needs more CPAs, Actuaries, Lawyers, Tax Experts getting involved. The problem is we all had the most horrible year trying to help clients financially survive the Wuhan Plague, we must recover so we can join the investigative fight!-EE


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