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Power Tools of Protection

Many of us intuitively already feel that there is a spiritual deeper realm around us and within us. Some of us may already be more connected with this aspect of ourselves and others might just be waking up to this notion at the writing of this post. I've spent this lifetime putting together my own toolbelt of implements that work for me. As I walked through new chapters in my life, yes they shift. I share my current set of favorite tools with you in this post:



In the world that we live in today, we are often bombarded with uninvited information through the abundance of technology surrounding us. Whether it is through our own or others' TVs, computers and cell phones, it is a virtual torrent. If we don't learn how to manage and separate from this, we, especially Sensitives, can become overwhelmed and unduly influenced by the info-stream.


This one can be used as a mantra, especially when in a deep place of fear and words are difficult to find. I often use this with the Protection Mudra in the video link below.

I am Protected.

I am Provided For.

I am Powerful.

Everything is in its Divine Working Order.


Those of you that practice a traditional Christian faith have often heard people asking why their prayers aren't answered, especially when they have been prayed often to no avail. Here is a link to Daniel Duval's powerful prayers. Daniel developed these precise prayers when working with many people combatting and overcoming (DID) Dissociative Identity Disorder, (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse and (MK) Mind Control Ultra Programming. He stresses how the right words when used in specificity are ultimately the most effective.

You can plug in a prayer title into this search bar on Daniel's site to find one

This particular prayer he developed to protect his own online ministry from spiritual tampering. And I can tell you from personal experience that it works!


What are Mudras? An Intro Video (1 Minute)

The Protection Mudra Meditation (3 Minutes)

A Short Film on Mudras in Christianity by Chloe Garton (10 Minutes)

Intro to Mudras Course

If you want to learn more, here is my video course: 12 Mudras for $11.

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