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Palm Beach Travel Blog Post: Video #1 in Series, The Overview

A little background, in 2005, I married my Sweet Keith and moved with my daughters to the Town of Palm Beach, where he had already retired. I was his tax accountant, that is how we first met! Who would ever have "thunk it"? :)

You can read our True Story, Love & Taxes, which you can find over on the Books tab of my website, here: .

The primary geographical backdrops for that book is Palm Beach, Florida as well as Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia.

When the girls were grown, we sold the Palm Beach homestead and have now traveled the world for a number of years. I run my businesses from my global laptop office and Keith is retired. Therefore, it was fairly simple to pull up the tent stakes and land/water cruise this beautiful crystal planet. We avoid airplanes... So much to see!

I've always enjoyed reading travelogue authors such as E.M. Forester and James Michener who wrote of their life travels. Also, I believe we all have a storybook living inside of us just waiting to come out. So here are some of my stories.

This is a link to my first video blog post based on my memories of living in the Town of Palm Beach for ten years. I have a lot of material, so I hope to make a number of these!

Audio-Video Blog #1 in my Palm Beach Memories Series.

Palm Beach Overview (16 minutes)

Here is an identical copy I posted on You Tube:

I promise I will get better quality audio as I learn how to do this! I think I need to upgrade my audio headset. A little patience please :) I also don't have a strong radio voice, so I will keep them short and mostly sweet. :)

You can also follow my posts on:

I made this first video blog, based on the enormous interest generated from my Palm Beach post on Gab. There is a hunger for original content, which I am happy to supply mine for those of you interested.

I'm working on setting up a #freespeech video channel- waiting for the dust to settle on that front! I

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