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Freedom Tools for your Health & Happiness

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

As we know, one of the beautiful founding principles of America was Freedom, particularly individual freedoms such as speech, religion and to express oneself without further approval. Currently, about half our country's speech is limited in some fashion because it doesn't match the required agenda of Big Tech and the Main Stream Media. One thing I learned in life is freedom of expression is tied to our health. In this post, I pull from an eclectic mix of my methods for health & happiness that you can peruse, choose and apply to your own life.

Tech Tip: Screen Shots as documentation!

If your posts have been shadow banned, deleted, (like my example below), document first. Make a screenshot of the banned post with your phone. Document what is happening to you in the now.

Each phone is different in this regard. If you don't know how to make a screenshot , ask a family techie to teach you. However if they have a different agenda then yours, I suggest you don't tell them why you are asking! :) #perpetualylpeacefullyprotesting

Health Tip: Your voice, throat, thyroid and how they relate to freedom of expression

Over my life's course, I've noticed that my internal physical ailments reflected what was happening in my external world. For example, my lung and thyroid weaknesses were exacerbated when I accepted suppression of my own voice and opinions. I spent a number of years working with alternative methods to heal these weaknesses, when traditional medicine failed me. More in future posts.

Through that very personal process, I also found that through the act of creation, I reached new levels of healing. Whether creativity is expressed through writing, making art or 3D craftsmanship, it must be expressed. Part of that learning experience is overcoming the fear of others' rejection of our self-expression.

About ten years ago, I secretly started writing stories about this freedom journey of finding one's voice. In January 2019, I was finally courageous enough to publish them in my first book, shown here. This was about a year before the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak that impacted our world in 2020.

My published books also feature my original artwork on the cover. Sometime in the Fall of 2018, I began to make a series of watercolors that I call my Lady Liberties. The last one in that series is featured here.

You can click through my website's menu here to my books' tab and find The January Novel.

I didn't know why I was painting a series of Lady Liberties masked and gagged, but it felt very important to me. I even remember vowing, I would never wear a mask no matter what (ahem!). At the time of creation, I thought I was just documenting my own individual journey of healing through verbal expression.

However today I look back on my Lady Liberties and believe that I plugged in somehow to a foreshadowing of what was to come. Some of you practicing Christians know what I am talking about. Those of you who are disciples of Carl Jung know what I am talking about too.

If you are suffering, take the time to fearlessly look within. I send you joy and blessings as you blaze your own trail towards freedom. #stayjoyful #stayfearless

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