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Read-Along Video Book of Love & Taxes Launched!

Check out our latest digital lifelong learning course at Endeavor University! Immersive, layered learning using art, auditory and visual methods. We discuss complex topics using a storytelling method of real life lessons. We embed art into the course to download topics in an entertaining format. There are 60 lessons in this video course, where I read aloud to you my entire book in bite size pieces, chapter by chapter. Once you buy the course you own it. It does not expire, just like a paperback. And you can download your favorite videos and PDFs.

You can click on the images or the link below to click through-

You also have the option to earn certificates for participation based on hours in each course.

Throughout the book I reference a number of songs that help set the place and time of this true story. I use this writing device to create a sense of place.

It's pretty wide ranging, so feel free to sing along!

Who says learning can't be fun? Immerse yourself, absorb and embed.

If you want to know more about Endeavor University's overall learning platform, watch the introductory video here.

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