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Endeavor University

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Endeavor University is a lifetime learning resource for all kinds of Warriors. Erica developed these learning tools for small business owners and curious humans that want to know more about everything.  She shares her experiences via recorded videos and written materials.   Once you access, you own the course,  so you can learn at your own pace.  They never expire.  Each course includes recorded videos on a variety of topics to arm warriors with many tools.  In addition, there are downloadable PDFs and live links to online reference materials.  You can earn course certificates awarded by hours of completion.

 Golden nuggets of advice ranging from the practical to a deeper journey within. Read further for more information.

Valuable Information in bite-sized morsels ranging from the practical to a deeper journey within.  You can choose courses organized by Topics including Technology Talk,  US Tax Tips, Healthy Healing, Looking Inward on a Spiritual Journey.  In today's  world, we are all Digital Warriors on  some level. No matter what level of warrior you may be, there is information here for you to access and soar.

Endeavor's Digital Warrior Courses

use a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce numerous topics.  Written materials and embedded tools are linked for deeper independent study as future resources and reference.  Each lesson is based on an embedded video from the Erica Swenson Elliott show.  Each recorded video ranges from 15-40 minutes in length led by your instructor.   Each episode includes topical segments.  These are derived from her life experiences and expertise.  Segments range from Tax Minute, Story Time, Elegant Turf, Tech Talk, Artful, Reflection to the open ended Let's Talk About It. This Episode is called Parallel Systems.

The first of the Healthy Healing courses is Intro to Mudras. This Video Course contains 16 videos introducing this ancient practice of yoga postures practiced only with your fingers, hands and arms in a comfortably seated position.  Each video ranges from 1 to 3 minutes.  Upon purchase the course belongs to the student and is downloadable.  Cllick through below to read and watch the Intro to Mudra Video-Blog

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