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Erica's 2021 Beach Gear Collection is Launched!

PERFECT to Travel the World again! Many of the watercolors featured in this collection are from my Travel the World series, especially on the dresses and bags. I also designed a number of the suits around my Animal Power and Plant Power watercolors too. Over 50 unique product designs with all original watercolor art. From flip-flops, skater dresses, bikinis, tote bags, beach towels, water bottles, UPF rash guards to little cover up dresses. I must say they look super cool coming off the flat page into the 3D.

upf rash guards- these are super versatile-wash really well

Come enjoy the original beauty of all the collections. The WATER BOTTLE collection is HOT right now, who knew? The original watercolors just pop.

One Piece, Bikini sets and mix & match tops & bottoms, water bottles, fitted comfy dresses that slip on over, beach towels and totes. All in my original water colors. This Leopard Power bikini has a number of design variations on both one- piece and bikinis. It is designed around my original watercolor of "Lex of Londolozi" from my Travel the World original watercolor series. Lex the Leopard made an immense impact on me in 2007 when my Brave Heart Keith took me to South Africa. Wild leopards' lifespan average about ten years, as it is a job full of hazards! Therefore, it makes me happy to know that Lex is now immortalized in my Leopard Power clothing designs.

If you remember my name, you can always find your path back to the shop. You can click through on the "SHOP the SHOP" tab into my store.

You can click right through on my embedded image too:

This one piece swimsuit is designed around the original watercolor "plants have feelings too" A little tongue in cheek humor for my vegan friends. I use a medicine dropper as a tool to draw the paint across the paper. I call this series Plant Power.

Shop the Shop, where art is married to versatile function.

Who says everything is in black and white?

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