What if You could Do It Yourself?

Now You can!

Tech Tip  Video Booklets 

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Currently, Erica is developing a line of technical
Do-It-Yourself online video booklets
 for people that like to learn and do for themselves.
Each topic is derived from her 30+ years of experience
 as a CPA.  After spending 15 years in Big Four Public Accounting she started her own boutique tax firm.
Throughout her career, this Tax Warrior traveled the world while spinning the wheels off her mobile laptop office.
These are being published under her discreet tax & accounting brand, but are also featured here.
Each video booklet is derived from her experiences to explain how to apply a specific technical online process to one's own business.
As these technical processes change quickly, they are published online only, so they can be regularly updated.
They include videos and embedded links to the latest topics.

Why Offshore? 

BBE explains 

Video Booklet  One

Coming Soon
Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback,  Kindle and Ibook

How to Bubble Wrap your firm

in virtual protection

BBE explains in 

Video Booklet Two

How Erica worked with an online provider to secure her online accounting firm.  Coming Soon
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Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback,  Kindle and Ibook

What if we come to realize that

This life was only the expedition?

Sometimes one can almost feel the breath

of our eternal Souls tethered to our frail humanity…

What if one future day, we are all Home,

telling tales of our exotic travels

and specialized knowledge gained with our fellow pilgrims?  

What if we come to realize that THIS life was only the expedition?  

 The JANUARY NOVEL is this story

telling things in an upside down,

inside out sort of way.   

Available on AMAZON
and BARNES & NOBLE in Paperback,  Kindle and Ibook

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